Monday, April 15, 2019

Are Brand Name Coding Bootcamps the New Higher Education Scam?

"Boootcamps may not be technically a scam, but they come awfully close."--Richard Kenneth Eng, former Project Team Leader at ATI Technologies (1993-2000)

My friend Tom Cal at the Veteran Mentor Network has alerted me about the proliferation of coding bootcamps and their reluctance to tell consumers what they need to know to make good decisions.

Are these bootcamps meeting all their hype?
Are they getting their graduates good jobs in coding?
The short answer is that we don't know.

The problem is that there is almost no transparency or accountability. That's even though some of these schools are eligible to accept the GI Bill.

David Halperin has exposed WozU, but how many other brand name coding bootcamps are not working?

Brand name schools like Penn, Cal Berkeley, Georgia Tech, Northwestern, UCLA, North Carolina, University of Texas, George Washington, and Rutgers would seem to have quality, but are their bootcamps really what they say they are?

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